About the IAHERI Dissertation Awards

The IAHERI Dissertation Award is a prestigious honor bestowed upon scholars who have demonstrated outstanding research excellence and contributions to their respective fields.

Recognizing Excellence:

At IAHERI, we firmly believe in acknowledging the tireless efforts, dedication, and ingenuity of researchers who have undertaken significant academic endeavors. The IAHERI Dissertation Award serves as a platform to honor these exceptional individuals and highlight their contributions to advancing knowledge and driving positive change in various disciplines.

Award Categories

Our IAHERI Dissertation Award spans across diverse fields and categories, reflecting the breadth of research excellence that we celebrate:

  1. Social and Management Sciences
  2. Computing and Technology
  3. Health Sciences and Nursing
  4. Education and Humanities
  5. Counselling and Behavioral Sciences

Nominate or Apply:

We invite academic institutions, scholars, and researchers to nominate deserving candidates or apply for the IAHERI Dissertation Award. If you believe that your research aligns with our values of excellence, innovation, and positive impact, we encourage you to submit your nomination or application for consideration.

For inquiries, submissions, or more information about our Dissertation award, please contact us at

Prize and Recognition:

Recipients of the IAHERI Dissertation Award receive more than just a commendation. Along with the honor of being recognized for their exceptional work, awardees gain:

A Certificate of Excellence

A formal certificate recognizing their outstanding contribution to research.

Networking and Collaboration

Access to IAHERI's network of academics, researchers, and experts, fostering potential collaborations and opportunities.

Publications and Promotion

The opportunity to showcase their work through IAHERI's various platforms and publications.

A Platform for Visibility

Exposure within the academic community, highlighting their research and impact.

Celebrate Excellence with Us:

Join us in celebrating outstanding research excellence and the scholars who are making significant contributions to their fields. At IAHERI, we are committed to recognizing and supporting the achievements of those who are shaping the future through their dedication to knowledge, innovation, and positive change.