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Institute of Africa Higher Education Research and Innovation (IAHERI)

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Welcome to the Institute of African Higher Education Research and Innovation (IAHERI), a pioneering institution dedicated to advancing research, innovation, and higher education across Africa. IAHERI proudly operates as a subsidiary of the esteemed Maryam Abacha American University of Nigeria (MAAUN), located in Kano.


What we do

Research & Publications

Explore groundbreaking research and stay updated with our latest publications, including the prestigious IAHERI Journal, where cutting-edge knowledge meets innovation.

Innovation Hub

A dynamic ecosystem of creativity, collaboration, and transformation at the MAAUN Innovation Hub, where ideas come to life.


Elevating skills and leadership through our diverse range of training programs, from Continuous Professional Development to Executive Training, designed to empower professional journey.

Scholarship & Fellowship Program

Unlock opportunities for academic growth and excellence with our Scholarship & Fellowship Program, dedicated to supporting scholars and researchers.


Engage with our vibrant community by participating in IAHERI events that foster knowledge-sharing, networking, and meaningful conversations in research and innovation.

Lectures & Webinar

Enrich your understanding with our engaging lectures and webinars, where experts and thought leaders share insights on cutting-edge topics in various disciplines.



Our journal promotes research culture and academic excellence in Africa, with a focus on scientific and technological innovations, youth empowerment, leadership development, job creation, and capacity building. We provide a platform for scholars and researchers in different fields to publish their findings and share their knowledge with the academic community.


MAAUN International Multi-Disciplinary Journal of Research and Innovations (MIMJRI)


MAAUN International Journal of Computing (MIJC)


MAAUN International Journal of Social and Management Sciences (MIJSMS)


MAAUN International Journal of Health Sciences (MIJHS)


MAAUN International Journal of Nursing Science (MIJNS)


MAAUN International Journal of Postgraduate studies (MIJPS)

Latest News

MAAUN Innovation Hub

Request for Proposal 2023


The Maryam Abacha American University of Nigeria (MAAUN) Innovation Hub under the Institute of Africa Higher Education Research & Innovation (IAHERI) is excited to announce the launch of the Innovation Catalyst Program, an unparalleled opportunity for early-stage startups and innovative projects to ignite their journey towards success.

Focus Area

Our incubator program to explore innovation in health, social community development and digital marketplace in Northern Nigeria.