IAHERI Journal

About the Journal

Our journal is a cornerstone of our dedication to fostering high-quality research and promoting academic excellence across diverse fields. Our scope encompasses a wide range of disciplines, including but not limited to social and management sciences, computing, nursing sciences, health sciences, and law. As a platform for scholars and researchers, we provide a space for them to publish their findings and share their valuable insights with the global academic community.

Exceptional Editorial Team

Our journal's success is driven by a distinguished editorial team comprised of seasoned editors, academics, and experts. These dedicated professionals work diligently to ensure the quality, relevance, and rigor of the articles we publish. With their deep expertise in various fields, our team members contribute their insights to the meticulous review and selection process.

Journal Categories:

Discover the array of categories within our journal, designed to accommodate diverse research interests and disciplines;

MAAUN International Multi-Disciplinary Journal of Research and Innovations (MIMJRI)

 This category encourages cross-disciplinary collaboration and research that pushes the boundaries of innovation.

MAAUN International Journal of Computing (MIJC)

Explore the latest advancements and research in the dynamic field of computing.

MAAUN International Journal of Health Sciences (MIJHS)

Dive into the world of health sciences and explore ground-breaking research in the realm of health and wellness.

MAAUN International Journal of Nursing Science (MIJNS):

Delve into nursing sciences and gain insights into the latest developments in this critical field.

MAAUN International Journal of Social and Management Sciences (MIJSMS)

 Uncover research that addresses social challenges and management strategies for a rapidly evolving world.

MAAUN International Journal of Education and Humanities (MIJEH)

Explore the landscape of education and humanities research, offering perspectives that enrich learning and cultural understanding.

MAAUN International Journal of Counselling and Behavioural Sciences (MIJCBS)

: Discover research that delves into counselling, psychology, and behavioral sciences, shedding light on human behavior and well-being.

MAAUN International Journal of Postgraduate Studies (MIJPS)

This category focuses on research at the postgraduate level, highlighting advanced studies and scholarly contributions.

Got a paper you want to publish with us?

At IAHERI, our commitment to research and publication is a testament to our dedication to knowledge dissemination, academic growth, and the advancement of societal well-being. We invite researchers, scholars, and academics to engage with our journal and contribute to the collective body of knowledge that shapes our world.

For inquiries, submissions, or more information about our journal categories, please contact us at iaheri@maaun.edu.ng